Huu-ay-aht First Nations Ka:�yu:�k�t�h�/Chek�tles7et�h� First Nations Toquaht Nation Uchucklesaht Tribe Ucluelet First Nation


What is it?
  • Highest law of our First Nation
  • Sets out how our Nation will govern ourselves - how our government will be structured; who does what
  • Everything we do in our First Nation needs to be consistent with the principles in our Constitution
  • The Constitution provides comfort to citizens of what their rights are within our Nation and to assure that government will operate in an accountable manner
Who is authorized to put the Constitution in place?
  • Membership of the Nation approved our Constitution as required in our treaty
How can the Constitution be amended?
  • Since it is our highest law, any changes to the constitution requires a high percentage of approval from membership