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What is it?
  • A "regulation" is a rule or order having legal force, established by an authorized body for the purpose of carrying out intentions regarding a specific (law)
  • Regulations must be consistent with the legislation that authorizes them; they are part of the "law" but tend to be more flexible and can more readily be changed by the authorized body making them
Who is authorized to put regulations in place?
  • Regulation making authority must be provided for in the legislation
  • Typically, it is the executive that is given regulation making authority by the legislation
  • Our Constitution does not specifically specify who can make regulations, but since the authority and responsibility to govern rest with the Council/legislative branch, either the Council can put regulations in place or they could delegate the authorize to make regulations to it's Executive Council
  • In other levels of government, such as the Provincial and Federal governments, the Cabinet (the executive branch of government) is mandated by various pieces of legislation to enact regulations under that legislation
How can regulations be amended?
  • By the government body who is given authority to make the regulation in the first place